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CLPNA Annual General Meeting & Conference


The College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta (CLPNA) hosts a annual two-day professional development Conference for Licensed Practical Nurses to come together and learn from their peers, employers, educators, and industry experts. The Conference also provides opportunity to network, collaborate, and build a sense of community. This event is held in the Calgary area in odd years and the Edmonton area in even years.


Previous Conferences

2016 CLPNA AGM & Conference

The wisdom of “a generation of LPNs governing LPNs” was on display at the 2016 CLPNA Annual General Meeting and Conference. Over 300 Licensed Practical Nurses and affiliated health professionals joined the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta for this 3-day educational, motivational, and professional development forum. The April 27-29 event marked the 30th anniversary of LPN professional self-regulation, and was held for the first time at Delta Edmonton South Hotel, site of CLPNA’s recent Think Tanks. Attendees connected with speakers and CLPNA by social media as the event was live-blogged, and joined in with their own photos and comments.

Launching the Conference was the open Annual General Meeting led by outgoing President Jo-Anne Macdonald-Watson and Chief Executive Officer Linda Stanger. Presentations were made from Council’s latest three-year Strategic Plan and 2015 Annual Report. There was a lunchtime surprise as CEO Linda Stanger’s 10 years of service received a standing ovation after an emotional presentation by the President. Linda promised to cherish the LPN ring she was given. Popular dueling pianists Randall and Day returned to host and entertain during the Awards Dinner. By evening’s end, they and their pianos were covered in glamorous feather boas sold as a fundraiser by the Fredrickson-McGregor Education Foundation for LPNs.

Both philosophical and practical, this year’s keynote speakers had a something for everyone. On the practice side, “Solving Medical Mysteries: The Nurse’s Role” with Dr. David Clarke, President of the Psychophysiological Disorders Association, had many intrigued. He relayed that 30% of all illness can be related to psycho-social stress symptoms, and how nursing assessment is key to proper diagnosis. “How can LPNs improve mental health assessment skills?” asked Ed Mantler, VP of the Mental Health Commission of Canada. The answer? Practice Mental Health First Aid. Then attendees discovered whether actress Gwyneth Paltrow is ‘wrong about everything’ in “Are Celebrities Messing With Our Health?” with Timothy Caulfield, Canada Research Chair in Health Law and Policy. “Leveraging digital tools to transform health and healthcare” was shared by Robert Fraser. Stephen Lewis gave a critical, futuristic look at the current “Evolution or Revolution” in healthcare. Over a dozen additional abstracts were shared during the Happy Hour Café Presentations.
David Sheard, a popular repeat speaker and Founder of Dementia Care Matters, brought the room to tears as both his professional and personal experiences on the importance of emotions in nursing. Career inspiration was provided by three decades of LPNs sharing their experiences. Capping the event was an emotional speech by Teresa Bateman, Director of Practice and Communications.

2015 CLPNA Conference

Amid laughter and tears, “getting real” was accomplished at the 2015 CLPNA Annual General Meeting & Conference. Knowledgeable speakers and expert storytellers led attendees on a journey of self and patient-discovery over the three-day educational event.

Rounding out the affair were healthcare exhibits, bubbly receptions, the very popular silent auction, and a sparkling awards ceremony, all hosted by the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta. Over 350 licensed practical nurses, managers and affiliated health professionals participated from April 30 to May 1.

2014 CLPNA Conference

From “transforming ourselves” to “transforming the way we work”, the 400 attendees at the CLPNA 2014 Conference were challenged from beginning to end. Even Alberta’s Associate Minister of Wellness, the Honourable Dave Rodney, was enthusiastic about the “Exploring Wellness” theme in his speech and a tweet! The three-day event from April 30 – May 2 commandeered the conference facilities at the Edmonton Marriott at River Cree Resort. Beginning with the CLPNA’s Annual General Meeting, additional events included a fund-raising Silent Auction and 30 exhibitors.

Award-winning educator, nurse, and author Barb Bancroft opened the conference with a bang, asking “Are we so focused on caring for others that we neglect our own health?” With examples drawn from 40 years of nursing, her hilariously informative presentation kept delegates both engaged and laughing.

A fresh perspective closed the event. Bill Carr’s take on how “nurturing our relationships can change surviving into thriving” asked for reflection. The moments spent revealing why participants chose a people-oriented career were inspiration to many.