Committees are appointed by CLPNA’s Council and legislated under the Health Professions Act (HPA) to make decisions of self-regulation to members, stakeholders, and the public in the areas of education standards, complaints of unprofessional conduct, and continuing competence. Public members are appointed by the Alberta Government.

Next Application Deadline: Fall 2017

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Qualifications and Compensation

Committees are composed of LPNs who have volunteered, submitted a resume, and appointed by Council. Available positions are posted in September – November.


  • Active Practice Permit and in good standing with the CLPNA.
  • Minimum of 3 years nursing experience. (For Hearing Tribunal and Complaint Review Committee, a minimum of 5 years nursing experience is preferred in the following areas: acute care, long term care, community care, or education).
  • Can attend daytime and/or evening meetings as required in Edmonton or other Alberta communities.
  • Own transportation.

Expectations: Committee members are appointed for a two-year term and may be re-appointed for a second term (ESAC members may be appointed for a third term). Terms begin on January 1. Attendance is encouraged at the Annual General Meeting & Spring Conference.

Compensation: CLPNA provides orientation, training, honorarium, hotel and travel expenses related to committee meetings.

How to Apply

Submission of an online Application Form and Resume is required. Apply by November 15.

Apply Now

Questions? Contact Donna Doerr, HR Assistant, at, 780-484-8886 or 1-800-661-5877 (toll free in Alberta).


Hearing Tribunal

LPNs valuing safe and ethical nursing practice should consider volunteering for the Hearing Tribunal.

The purpose of the Hearing Tribunal is to ensure the public is protected from unethical, unsafe or unskilled nursing care.  Members of the Hearing Tribunal are the decision-makers at the disciplinary hearings of investigated complaints made against LPNs.

A minimum of 5 years of nursing practice in any of the following areas is preferred: acute care, long-term care, community care, or education.

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The Hearing Tribunal:

  • Ensures fairness by hearing the allegations and facts made subject of the complaint and investigation, the response from the investigated member, and evaluating the evidence from any witnesses
  • Determines if the action of the investigated person constitutes unprofessional conduct as defined in the Health Professions Act
  • Writes the decision and reasons for findings and any penalty orders necessary arising from a finding of unprofessional conduct

Additional Qualifications:

In addition to the general qualifications for Committee members, Hearing Tribunal members:

  • Have ability to use critical thinking and clinical judgment skills
  • Have effective communication skills, including the ability to write decisions

Expectations: Members of this committee are required to participate in a minimum of three (3) hearings in a calendar year which typically last 1 or 2 consecutive full days.  Hearings are typically held in Calgary and Edmonton, but may be scheduled in any community in Alberta.


Complaint Review Committee (CRC)

The Complaint Review Committee requires critical thinkers to review written decisions to dismiss complaints of unprofessional conduct.

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Additional Qualifications:

In addition to the general qualifications for Committee members, Complaint Review Committee members:

  • Have ability to use critical thinking and clinical judgment skills
  • Have effective communication skills, including the ability to write decisions

Expectations: This committee meets on demand for several hours by teleconferences 1-3 times per year, with the occasional in-person meeting at the CLPNA office in Edmonton.


Competence Committee

Those who believe in life-long learning may be interested in volunteering for the Competence Committee.

This committee primarily reviews and assesses documentation from the Continuing Competence Program Validation.

Expectations: This committee meets in-person at the CLPNA office 2-3 times per year and on demand by teleconference.


Education Standards Advisory Committee (ESAC)

The Education Standards Advisory Committee (ESAC) is not accepting applications at this time for the 2015/2016 term.

A background in practical nurse education or as an educator/preceptor is useful for those wishing to participate on the Education Standards Advisory Committee (ESAC).

ESAC reviews current and proposed Practical Nurse programs in Alberta, as well as specialty programs outlined in the Health Professions Act, and reports to the CLPNA’s Council with it’s recommendations. CLPNA’s Council must be assured that graduates of practical nurse programs have the necessary knowledge, skills, behaviors, attitudes, and judgments to competently perform nursing services in accordance with the Licensed Practical Nurse Regulations, the Standards of Practice, and the Competency Profile. The Council determines the acceptance of ESAC’s Report and Recommendations.

Expectations: This committee meets on demand 6 to 12 days per year for scheduled meetings.