Program Review Information

The CLPNA approves all practical nursing education programs in Alberta. This includes diploma programs, programs leading to advanced authorization by the CLPNA Council, and refresher programs.

The entry-to-practice education in Alberta for LPNs is a diploma program available from post-secondary institutions.

A refresher program is an approved program from the CLPNA for individuals who were previously registered with the CLPNA on the general register but are no longer eligible for active registration.

Advanced practice education programs prepare Alberta’s LPNs to meet the requirements for advanced practice, as well as to meet the CLPNA’s Standards of Practice on Restricted Activities, Advanced Practice, and Supervision, and post-entry-level training and advanced practice competencies outlined in the Competency Profile for Licensed Practical Nurses.

For post-secondary institutions (PSIs) offering a practical nurse education program, it’s important to understand the relationship between legislation, the CLPNA, and your institution.

The Council of the CLPNA delegates the review of all of Alberta’s practical nurse education programs to CLPNA staff. The review reports generated by CLPNA staff are then reviewed by the Education Standards Advisory Committee (ESAC). Following the report review, ESAC prepares recommendations for the CLPNA’s Council. The Council reviews ESAC’s recommendations and determines approval status. Education programs are reviewed to:

  • fulfill the CLPNA’s legislative duty under the Health Professions Act to approve all practical nurse education programs,
  • promote the safe practice of nursing through a standardized nursing education approval process and the use of comprehensive education standards,
  • provide stakeholders with a transparent account of program approval, and
  • support continuous evaluation and improvement of nursing education programs.

ESAC is a committee appointed by the CLPNA’s CEO that makes recommendations to the CLPNA Council on education program approvals and program standards. Committee members have a complement of practical experience and/or subject matter expertise useful in guiding quality practical nursing programming. Opportunities to join this committee are made available periodically.

The CLPNA’s Council approves education standards for practical nurse programs. These standards provide a benchmark for program quality, are used to measure program performance, and determine a program’s ability to graduate competent and safe practical nurses.

Practical nurse education standards are revised as necessary to ensure currency and relevancy and undergo a comprehensive review every four years.

Practical Nurse Program Approval Standards and Indicators (Effective January 1, 2024)

This operational policy supports the review of all practical nurse education programs.

Education Program Review Policy

Any post-secondary institution wishing to offer a new program should refer to the CLPNA’s policies and guidelines.

All programs are required to complete continuous monitoring through notices of change and periodic progress reports. Should your program have any questions about reporting or require any of the reporting templates please contact