Council & Governance

Licensed Practical Nurses are health professionals regulated by multiple levels of provincial and federal legislation, guided by professional standards of practice and a code of ethics, and supported by nursing policies and other documents.

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CLPNA Council
CLPNA Council

The CLPNA Council is responsible for governance of the organization.

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CLPNA Committees
CLPNA Committees

Committees support decision making in various areas of the organization.

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Annual Reports and Strategic Plan
Annual Reports & Strategic Plan

Setting and reporting on the CLPNA’s strategic goals and operations.

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CLPNA Bylaws
CLPNA’s Operational Policies

The Health Professions Act governs LPN practice in Alberta. The HPA gives the CLPNA its authority as a regulatory organization.

Other provincial and federal legislation can also impact LPN practice.

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In addition to legislation like the Health Professions Act, there are also subordinate regulations that govern how LPNs operate in Alberta.

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CLPNA Bylaws govern how our organization operates.

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A CLPNA operational policy is a clear and concise statement outlining requirements, service standards, and expected behaviours of the CLPNA’s staff, committee members, or external stakeholders.

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