Public Registry & Employer Verification

Public Registry of LPNs

The real-time Public Registry of LPNs assists the public in identifying a person as a Licensed Practical Nurse registered with the CLPNA and determining the nurse’s current registration status. This information is not designed or intended to be used for any other purpose.

How to Search the Public Registry
Published Information

You may search the Public Registry using one or more of the following criteria: last name, first name, or registration number. The more criteria you input, the more specific a search you will initiate.

If the LPN you are searching for does not appear in the results, try a simpler search such as ONLY registration number or ONLY last name.

In accordance with Alberta’s Health Professions Act and the guidelines of the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA), the Public Registry publishes the name, registration number, registration type, the practice permit effective and expiry date, authorization for restricted activities requiring advanced authorization, and conditions on practice.

The Public Registry includes the register type of a practice permit for current and previous members for the last five years. If a practice permit is suspended or cancelled, the Public Registry will also state the reason.

Employer Verification of LPNs

Authorized personnel (human resources, managers, etc.) can sign up for Employer Verification of LPNs to confirm the current or future registration status of LPNs at your facility using a single list displaying the same information that can be found on the public register. The information displayed cannot be filtered by unit or department.

Employment information is only as accurate as the information reported by the LPN. If an LPN does not appear on the list, they have not listed the facility as their employer. LPNs may update their employers any time during the year.

Employers and managers are strongly encouraged to verify LPN registrations after the CLPNA’s annual Registration Renewal deadline to ensure LPN employees are registered for the coming year.

Sign Up for Employer Login

Sign up to receive a username and login. Requests are processed during CLPNA office hours. If you require access to several facilities, please list them under “Facility Name(s).”


Interpreting Search Results
Reason Codes for Suspended or Cancelled

Definitions of key terms to understand search results.

Registration Number = CLPNA Registration Number
Registration Status = Type of membership/practice permit

  • Active: Authorized to practice as an LPN in Alberta.
  • Provisional: Authorized to practice as an LPN in Alberta. Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination not yet successfully completed. See our policy, Provisional Registration.
  • Suspended: NOT authorized to practice as an LPN in Alberta, as the permit is suspended. This registration type includes various reasons (see reason codes).
  • Cancelled: NOT authorized to practice as an LPN in Alberta, as permit and registration is cancelled. This registration type includes various reasons (see reason codes).

Effective Date = Start date of current registration Type
Expiry Date = End date of current registration Type

  • CCP Non-Compliant – Did not complete the requirements of the Continuing Competence Program.
  • Conduct – Suspended or cancelled due to a complaint or finding of unprofessional conduct.
  • Registration – Did not meet the registration requirements.
  • Other – Reasons that do not fit into one of the categories. Contact the CLPNA for details.

Advanced Authorization = Authorized to perform restricted activities requiring advanced authorization.

  • Conditions = If an asterisk (*) appears in this column, click on “View Details” for a list of Conditions. Conditions may be due to registration requirements and/or conduct requirements and are specific to the regulated member.