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It takes heart and passion to begin a new professional path, whether the path is a new career, a move to a new province, or immigrating to a new country.

The left side of this page contains links for recent Alberta practical nurse graduates, nurses registered in other Canadian provinces/territories, and nurses educated outside Canada to learn about the CLPNA and about the registration process to become a Licensed Practical Nurse in Alberta, Canada. Remember: To practice as a Licensed Practical Nurse in Alberta, individuals must be registered and have a valid Practice Permit from us, the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta (CLPNA).

The CLPNA looks forward to assisting you in your nursing journey.

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Career Guide – Licensed Practical Nurses in Alberta

Our 48-page Career Guide about the Licensed Practical Nurse profession in Alberta, Canada, provides foundational information about the profession, the work, the regulations, the province, and discovering the opportunities in nursing.