Trauma-Informed Care for LPNs by ECDSS now on VIDEO

Posted on: September 08, 2017 by CLPNA

The consequences of trauma are far reaching and can be directly or indirectly linked to mental illness, addictions, chronic disease, suicide, and overall, a failure to thrive.

The College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta recently partnered with Early Childhood Development Support Services to host a professional development webinar focusing on Trauma Informed Care, which is now available as a video (above).

Every day, LPNs interact with people who have been affected by overwhelming stress or traumatic experiences. Traumatic experiences change a person and can create turmoil within a person and in their life. This is especially true if the trauma happens in childhood. Being aware of how common trauma is and what a trauma response might look like helps nurses adjust their practice in many ways – from how you approach people to the language you use.



Watch our YouTube video (above) and read Trauma-Informed Care in a Healthcare Setting from CARE magazine (below) to access resources Trauma-Informed Practice Guide and Trauma-Informed Toolkit.

Alberta Health Services

Alberta Health Services now offers resources designed for individuals who help those impacted by trauma to understand how to provide patient centred care. Access a wide array of learning activities such as an eLearning Module, Newsletter, Resources and Links.

Learning Network

Does this topic catch your interest? Study this topic further and listen to a previously-recorded webinar hosted by Learning Network (Violence Against Women) Trauma-Informed Practice with Indigenous Peoples across the Life Span.



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