The Council is the governing body of the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta (CLPNA).

The Council consists of Regulated Members (appointed in accordance with the Bylaws), Public Members (appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council pursuant to the Health Professions Act), and non-voting or ex officio members of Council (as set out in the Bylaws).

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Public Representation on the CLPNA’s Council

On April 1, 2021, the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta’s (CLPNA) Council changed the composition of Council membership in response to Bill 30 of the Health Statutes Amendment Act passed in July 2020. The Act requires all health professional regulatory colleges in Alberta to increase public member representation from 25 percent to 50 percent of the total council membership. Public members are selected and appointed by the provincial government and the remaining are appointment-based regulated LPN members.

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Council Meeting Dates

Council Member Duties

The Council is responsible for the overall general direction of the college through policy governance, including:

  • Setting the CLPNA’s Strategic Direction
  • Evaluation of operational outcomes, succession planning, and CEO
  • Establishing, maintaining, and monitoring policies which govern the CLPNA, including Bylaws, Regulations, Standards of Practice, and Code of Ethics (see Governance)
  • Approving practical nurse education programs in Alberta
  • Reviewing and monitoring fiscal policies and statements and understanding the economics of healthcare and the financial health of the CLPNA
  • Understanding the difference between governance and management
  • Understanding that the Council has authority as a whole and speaks with one voice
  • Establishing and supporting Council Committees
  • Reviewing Council performance
  • Hearing appeals on matters of conduct or registration

The Council does not manage day to day operations, or the means of achieving outcomes. Formally, the Council deals with the CLPNA’s business through the Chief Executive Officer.


The Council is responsible for the health and success of the CLPNA. Each Council Member brings a unique perspective; however, there are key skills and abilities that will enhance the functioning of the Council so that it can perform its legislated mandate. Council Members should, individually or collectively, possess the core competencies and skills outlined in the Competency Matrix.



Attendance & Honorarium

Serving on Council requires a significant commitment to prepare for and attend meetings, committee work, governance education, and initial orientation.

The expected time commitment is approximately thirteen days annually, plus additional meetings as needed:

  • A half-day for initial orientation
  • One to two days of governance education
  • A half-day for preparatory work for each meeting
  • One to two days for each quarterly meeting to review the CLPNA’s business reports and strategic planning
  • Attendance to the Annual General Meeting

The reimbursement package includes an honorarium and travel expenses.


CLPNA’s Council Policies



For more information, please contact:

Email the CLPNA

Ask CLPNA or call 1-800-661-5877 (toll-free in Alberta), or 780-484-8886.