Competency Profile for LPNs

The CLPNA’s Competency Profile for Licensed Practical Nurses, 5th Edition (2020) outlines the knowledge, skills, attitudes, behaviors, and judgment required of the LPN profession in Alberta.

The document also guides practical nurse curriculum development and supports employers to understand full scope of practice for determining LPN practice in their care settings.

Individual LPNs are not expected to possess all competencies outlined within this document and the degree of proficiency in each competency area may vary.

The complete Competency Profile is available for viewing and download in our Knowledge Hub, as are each individual competency section for your convenience.

A: Nursing Knowledge
B: Nursing Process
C: Professionalism and Leadership
D: Communication and Technology
E: Nursing Practice
F: Safety
G: Respiratory
H: Orthopedics
I: Neurological
J: Cardiovascular

K: Surgical
L: Maternal and Newborn
M: Pediatrics
N: Mental Health and Addiction
O: Emergency
P: Gerontology
Q: Palliative Care
R: Community Health
S: Oncology
T: Occupational Health and Safety

U: Medication Management
V: Infusion Therapy
W: Self-Employed Practice
X: Dermatology and Aesthetic Nursing
Y: Ophthalmology
Z: Standards of Practice for Performing Restricted Activities and Advanced Practice

See the “Competency Profile Overview” and “Using the Profile” in the introduction for importance guidance.

Previous versions of the Competency Profile are available upon request.

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