Hearings Schedule

A hearing is a formal legal process used to resolve complaints received by the CLPNA against Investigated Members (LPNs). Disciplinary hearings are held before a Hearing Tribunal.

In accordance with s. 78 of the Health Professions Act, the Hearing will be open to the public unless the Hearing Tribunal accepts a motion or application to close it. Individuals interested in attending must pre-register by emailing the Hearings Director, or calling 1-800-661-5877 (toll free in Alberta), or 780-484-8886.

Upcoming Hearings




Becker, Tammy #23246 TBD To be Scheduled
Biftu, Dawit #43161 Adjourned
Draghici, Cristina #28648 June 21, 2024 Sanction Phase
Ejelonu, Nnenna #36319 March 19, 2024 s.87 Appeal Period in Progress
MacMillan, Lacey #48608 June 21, 2024 Scheduled
McMonagle, Ashlie #54538 July 4, 2024 Scheduled
Mehok, Casandra #46836 Adjourned
O’Brien, Kayla #48577 Adjourned
Teolis, Shannon #41953 TBD To be Scheduled
Vasquez, Rogelio #31907 TBD To be Scheduled

Subject to change. 

*Status Definitions

To be Scheduled Complaint referred to Hearings Director and Hearing date is pending.
Scheduled Hearing date is set.
Postponed Hearing was scheduled (not started) and postponed. A new date will be determined.
Sanction Phase Sanctions to be presented to the Hearing Tribunal.
Decision Pending Hearing has concluded and a written decision will be issued by the Hearing Tribunal.
In Appeal                            . Hearing Tribunal’s Decision being appealed to Council Appeal Committee (date TBD)             .
s.87 Appeal Period in Progress                      . 30 day appeal period of Hearing Tribunal’s Decision in progress. Decision will be posted after this concludes.         .