Public Registry of LPNs

Search Public Registry of LPNs

CLPNA’s real-time Public Registry of LPNs help employers and the public identify that a person providing nursing care in Alberta is a Licensed Practical Nurse registered with CLPNA, and determine the nurse’s current registration status. This information is not designed nor is it intended to be used for any other purpose.

In accordance with Alberta’s Health Professions Act (HPA) and the guidelines of the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA), the Public Registry only publishes the member’s name, CLPNA registration number, registration type, Practice Permit expiry date, authorization for specialized practice, and conditions (ie. restrictions) on practice.

Are you an Employer? See Employer Verification of LPNs.

To ensure LPN employees are registered for the coming year and able to practice, employers and managers are strongly encouraged to verify LPN registrations after the annual Registration Renewal deadline of December 1. Most LPN practice permits expire annually on December 31.

How to Search the Public Registry

You may search the Public Registry using one or more of the following criteria: Last Name, First Name or Registration Number. A simple search using Registration Number or Last Name is usually the most successful. The more criteria you input, the more specific a search you will initiate.

If the LPN you are searching for does not appear in the results, try a simpler search such as ONLY Registration Number or ONLY Last Name.

Interpreting Search Results

Registration Number = CLPNA Registration Number

Registration Type = Type of membership/Practice Permit.

  • Active            – Authorized to practice as an LPN in Alberta.
  • Associate      – NOT authorized to practice as an LPN in Alberta. Non-practicing registration type.
  • Limited          – Authorized to practice as an LPN in Alberta with educational restrictions.
  • Temporary   – Authorized to practice as an LPN in Alberta. Includes new graduates. Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Exam not yet successfully completed. See CLPNA Practice Statement 2: Temporary Registration.

Effective Date = Start date of current Registration Type

Expiry Date = End date of current Registration Type

Specializations = Authorized to perform Specialized Practice. See CLPNA Practice Statement 7: Specialized Practice.

Conditions = If an asterix (*) appears in this column, click on “View Details” for a list of Conditions. Conditions may be any of the following. For details, contact CLPNA:

  • Requirements that have not yet been met and are outstanding
  • Restrictions placed on the member’s practice permit
  • Authorizations placed on the member’s practice permit