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Complaints Process Series

Document Type: Video


This series of eight videos explains different aspects of the CLPNA’s complaints process. These videos provide information for members of the public as well as LPNs and other stakeholders. They explore the process by which a complaint against an LPN is received, investigated, and resolved under the Health Professions Act.

For more information see: Complaints

Video One: Mandatory Reporting – examines the concept of mandatory reporting of unprofessional conduct, covering an LPN’s duty to report, an employer’s duty to report, and mandatory self-reporting.

Video Two: What is a Complaint? – explains what a complaint is and how someone can file a complaint with the CLPNA.

Video Three: Complaints Process – reviews the overall complaints process, including which issues are within the CLPNA’s authority.

Video Four: Suspensions, Conditions, and Restrictions – describes the suspensions, conditions, and restrictions that may limit an LPN’s ability to practice while the complaints process is underway.

Video Five: Investigation Process – examines the steps of the investigation process, where an investigator gathers facts related to the complaint.

Video Six: Legal Authority – explains legal authority in relation to collecting and disclosing information in the course of the complaints process, covering legal authority for the CLPNA, employers, and witnesses.

Video Seven: Resolutions – describes possible resolutions to a complaint, including dismissals, consent resolutions, complaints, and disciplinary hearings.

Video Eight: Hearings – examines disciplinary hearings in-depth, giving all parties more information on what to expect from a hearing.