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2023 By the Numbers

LPNs in Alberta 2023 AR

LPNs in Alberta

In 2023, there were 20,971 LPNs in Alberta, 5% more than in 2022.

61% of LPNs work in either a hospital or long-term care. LPNs also commonly work in community health settings, physicians’ offices, and home care agencies.

43.4% of LPNs work full-time. 34.0% work part-time, and 22.5% work on a casual basis.

The average age of LPNs is 38.5 years. 62.8% of LPNs are age 40 or younger.

LPNs work throughout the province. 32.5% work in the Calgary area and 33% work in the Edmonton area. The remaining 34.5% work in other regions.


CLPNA 2023 Annual Report

CLPNA Regulatory Functions


The CLPNA assesses applicants for registration as LPNs in Alberta. In 2023, 2,770 new LPNs registered with us.

Of these, 1,477 were new graduates of an Alberta program. 799 were from another Canadian province, and 85 were international applicants. Most Canadian registrants were from Ontario (566) or BC (125). Most international registrants were from the Philippines (38) or India (28).

The CLPNA also administrates a registration renewal process. In 2023, we approved 18,201 applications for renewal.


Under the HPA, the CLPNA’s Council is authorized to approve practical nurse education programs. This includes practical nurse diploma, refresher, and advanced practice programs.

In 2023, the CLPNA monitored 19 different practical nursing programs and conducted 5 program reviews to confirm compliance with our approval standards and indicators.

We reviewed 11 notices of intent for new programs, progressing 6 applications to the next steps of the review process.

The CLPNA receives, investigates, manages, and resolves complaints made against LPNs.

In 2023, we received 205 complaints, which represents less than 1% of all Alberta LPNs.

Most complaints (125) come from employers.

Read more in our 2023 Annual Report

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