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Get More Out of the Knowledge Hub

The Knowledge Hub is a feature on our new website. It’s a one-stop shop for information that supports LPN practice, helping our users navigate through related topics and documents.

Navigating the Knowledge Hub

You can find the documents you are looking for through the search function or by clicking through the Knowledge Hub menu. The menu is separated into five sections.

  • Governance includes legislation, the CLPNA Bylaws, and regulation.
  • Standards, Codes, and Policies includes standards of practice, the Code of Ethics for Licensed Practical Nurses in Canada, and CLPNA policies.
  • Practice Guidance includes practice guidelines, interpretive documents, info sheets, and the Competency Profile.
  • Continuing Competence Learning Materials includes learning modules, educational videos, and information on the Continuing Competence Program.
  • Other Resources includes miscellaneous tools, flowcharts, and information on the history of Alberta LPNs.

Each Document Has Its Own Page

Whenever you click on a document name in the Knowledge Hub, you will be navigated to a separate page. This page has information including the document type and the date that the document was last updated. You will have the option to view, download, or share the document.

The Overview section provides a summary of the information contained in the document. This is a good section to review if you aren’t sure if you’ve found what you’re looking for.

Finding Related Documents and Continuing Competence Learning

Each document page includes links to related documents. Depending on whether you’re viewing the page on your computer or mobile device, this list might be on the right side of the page, or it may come immediately after the Overview. Reviewing this list can help you find more information on a certain topic.

Some documents will also have related Learning Materials listed. If you are looking for more information on a topic, there may be a video or learning module for you to use as a resource.



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