Fee Schedule

All fees are in Canadian dollars.


Application Fees

CPNRE ONLY Application  $100
Out-of-Province Application $235
Internationally Educated Nurse Application $340
Reinstatement Application $100
Provisional (formerly Temporary) Registration Application $100
Advanced Practice Application Fee $100
Courtesy Application $100

Practice Permit Fees

PROVISIONAL & ACTIVE REGISTRATION TYPES (Paid upon approval of application for registration)
Permits issued between January 1 – July 31  $350
Permits issued between August 1 – December 31  $175
Courtesy Registration permit  $175

Non-Practicing Member Fees

NEW! Student Membership $100
Associate Membership $50

Exam Fees

CPNRE – starting January 2022 Exam Window $600
Did Not Write (for those who chose to not write in the selected CPNRE Testing Window) $100
Jurisprudence Exam $50

Renewal Fees

Renewal of Practice Permit (October 1 – December 1) $350
Renewal of Practice Permit (December 2 – December 31)  $550
Reinstatement of Suspended Permit between January 1 – January 31 *Fee is in addition to the Application Fee and the cost of the Practice Permit. $300

Registration Levy*

Late Submission of CCP Audit (after June 30)
*All fees and levies must be paid prior to renewal being approved.

Miscellaneous Fees

Administrative Fee  $25
Appeal / Review of Registration Decision $350
NNAS IEN Application Fee see NNAS Fee Schedule

Consent to Release Information

To order the following, download the Consent to Release (Consent for Verification for Registration) information form or call 780-484-8886
Active Members Inactive Members
Consent for Verification of Registration (effective July 1, 2019) $60  $60

GST (CDN$) included in Fees.

GST #87224 2979 RT 0001

Updated March 10, 2021