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LPN Practice Decision Making Tool

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This tool is designed to provide guidance related to LPN scope of practice in Alberta. Working step by step through the decision-making tool will help determine if a specific nursing activity is appropriate for an individual LPN to perform. The Determining LPN Scope of Practice Guideline document is complemented by this decision-making tool. This tool is based on legislative requirements, employer requirements, and individual scope of practice. It is also shaped by the tri-factor framework which identifies additional factors that need to be considered such as the nurse, client, and the environment.

An LPN is responsible for determining which federal or provincial legislation is applicable to their area of practice. The Determining LPN Scope of Practice Guideline will also provide additional guidance for determining your individual scope of practice along with the Standards of Practice, Code of Ethics, policies, practice guidelines, and info sheets. All these documents can be found on the CLPNA website under the Knowledge Hub tab.

LPNs work in all settings where healthcare is provided. They work in clinical areas by providing direct patient care and they also work in areas such as research, education, and leadership.

An LPN’s entry level education provides them with fundamental nursing competencies, and a baseline for individual scope of practice. With additional education, training, and experience, an LPN’s scope of practice can increase. Therefore, scope of practice is different for every nurse.

Each LPN should ask themselves the following questions prior to performing an activity to help decide if the activity is appropriate for them to perform.