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Non-Medical Cannabis

Document Type: Info Sheet
Last Updated: January 8, 2020
Approver: Registrar/Executive


The Cannabis Act legalized non-medical cannabis use on October 17, 2018. Where healthcare providers may decide to use non-medical cannabis, it is important to emphasize responsible use and to be aware of the potential health risks. LPNs using non-medical cannabis must ensure that they are fit to practice. Cannabis is like any impairing substance (e.g. alcohol and prescribed medication). It may affect an LPN’s cognitive function, physical health, and fitness to practice. Please note that there is a difference between an LPN’s decision to use non-medical cannabis and the LPN’s role related to administering or assisting with medical cannabis in nursing care. More information on the LPN’s role for medical cannabis can be found in the CLPNA’s document on Medication Management.