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Modules Support Nursing Competence

Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) in Alberta can access more than 25 free learning modules through their MyCLPNA accounts.

These modules, hosted on our Learning Management System (LMS), help to build LPN competencies. They are suitable for meeting the requirements of the Continuing Competence Program.


Featured Module: Understanding the Standards of Practice for Restricted Activities, Advanced Practice, and Supervision

The newest module for Alberta LPNs is available now.

Understanding the Standards of Practice for Restricted Activities, Advanced Practice, and Supervision covers the following:

  • an LPN’s role in performing restricted activities,
  • the legislation that authorizes LPNs to perform restricted activities,
  • relevant standards and guiding documents, and
  • education and supervision requirements.

More Learning

Protecting Patients from Sexual Abuse and Sexual Misconduct

This module is designed to provide LPNs with an understanding of this legislation and related standards and guiding documents.

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Self-Study Module Medication Management
Medication Management

This module follows the nursing process, covering assessment, planning, preparation, implementation, administration, evaluation, and documentation.

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Health Assessment

This module provides LPNs the opportunity to understand and review the components of a health assessment, including health history and physical assessment.

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How To Access Modules

All modules are accessible through a MyCLPNA account. Only specific groups, including active and provisional LPNs, certain applicants, and student members, have access.

  1. Visit MyCLPNA.com.
  2. Login using your CLPNA username and password.
  3. Once logged in, click the “Learning Modules” link on the left-hand side.
  4. Click studywithclpna.com.
  5. Click on Home
  6. Scroll down to view all modules.

To enroll in a module, click on the image/link for the module on the “Home” page. Watch the How to Access the CLPNA Learning Modules video for more information.

More Tips & Tricks

  • Your “My Courses” page shows all modules you are currently enrolled in.
  • When you complete a module, remember to go to the “Certificate” section to view and download your certificate.
  • Downloaded certificates are listed under “Completed Courses” on your “Dashboard” page.





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