Continuing Competence Program

Licensed Practical Nurses are required to demonstrate a commitment to continuing competence by meeting the requirements established in the Standards of Practice on the Continuing Competence Program (CCP) and relevant policies.

The CLPNA’s CCP supports LPNs in achieving and demonstrating competence through the completion of continuing competence activities, which includes both learning and practice in the profession. By completing the annual requirements, the public can be assured LPNs are committed to competence through professional development.


The framework for the CCP includes a self-assessment, a learning plan, continuing competence activities, and an audit. All of this contributes to an LPN’s overall accountability to the profession.

Download the CCP Guide

The Continuing Competence Program Guide provides a comprehensive guide to assist LPNs in understanding the requirements of the program.


CCP Audit

The audit process verifies LPNs have met the requirements of the CCP.

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Learning Resources
Learning Resources

The CLPNA provides resources to promote the continuing competence of LPNs.

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Education Grants

The Frederickson-McGregor Foundation authorizes grants for continuing education.

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Questions about Continuing Competence or CCP Audit?

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