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New Module: Communication in Nursing

The CLPNA’s newest learning module is Communication in Nursing. This module will assist learners in evaluating their communication skills within the context of nursing practice and applying those skills effectively in the therapeutic nurse-client relationship.

Throughout the learning module, you will build upon communication skills you already have as an LPN. You will learn what communication is, how to communicate effectively with clients and other healthcare professionals, and how to communicate in a crisis or conflict situation.

Nurses have a key role in ensuring the best quality of life and care for clients and upholding a healthy work environment. Nurses act as key contacts for families and care partners, work with primary care providers, and engage with hospitals and others in the healthcare system.

At the end of the learning module, you will be able to:

  1. Discuss how communication fits within regulatory context.
  2. Explain the concepts of the communication process.
  3. Review the types, and styles of techniques used in the communication process.
  4. Explain best practices when communicating with clients.
  5. Discuss how culture influences communication practices.
  6. Engage in effective communication with interprofessional team members.
  7. Explore tools to approach challenging communication interactions.
  8. Discuss the impact communication has on leadership.

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Module: Communication in Nursing

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