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May 3, 2024 | Practice

Practice Corner:
Are All CLPNA Learning Modules Mandatory?

Registrants and other stakeholders can contact the Practice Department at the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta (CLPNA) to receive clarification on Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) practice.

In Practice Corner, we’ll share some frequently asked questions and our answers.



Are All CLPNA Learning Modules Mandatory?

No, not all of the learning modules offered by the CLPNA are mandatory. Read more about which modules are mandatory, and under what circumstances, below.

Mandatory Module Coming in 2025

LPNs will be required to complete the CLPNA module, Protecting Patients from Sexual Abuse and Sexual Misconduct, prior to renewing registration for 2026. A registrant may not be able to renew if they do not complete this module by the November 30, 2025, deadline.

Advanced Practice Modules

To work in areas of advanced practice or perform advanced practice skills, LPNs are required to take training approved by the CLPNA.

To administer medications via CVC, PICC, and IVAD or administer parenteral nutrition, an LPN must complete the respective learning modules.

If an LPN wants to work in Advanced Practice Foot Care, Advanced Practice Perioperative Nursing, or Advanced Practice Orthopedic Nursing, they will need to take a course from a program approved by the CLPNA.

LPNs are required to have areas of advanced practice listed on their practice permits before working in these areas or performing these skills.

Questions about about professional practice?

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