Evidence Based Practice Education Series: Battling Dr. Google (VIDEOS)

This 3-part video series introduces evidence based practice and teaches you to evaluate and incorporate research into your nursing.

Recorded from their live webinar presentations, Dr. Leah Philips, Director of Research at the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta, and Melanie Neumeier, Assistant Professor at MacEwan University, answer:

  • What constitutes evidence based practice?
  • How do I determine the nature and extent of information I need?
  • How can I access evidence effectively and efficiently?
  • How do I evaluate the quality of evidence?

This professional development opportunity will enhance your information literacy skills and your confidence in using evidence in practice.

Battling Dr. Google and Nurse Jackie: Evidence Based Practice Education Series

Video 1: Information Literacy: Make Your Nursing Practice Better and Easier

This introduction discusses the nature of evidence, and how evidence is used to inform our health care decisions. By the end of the video, participants will be able to: recognize clinical issues that require evidence; define the term evidence; discuss the rationale for why evidence is needed in practice; and identify multiple sources of evidence.

Video 2: The Map to Evidence: How to Access and Evaluate Evidence Effectively and Efficiently

This video guides participants through the maze of evidence and provides a road map for accessing evidence and evaluating its quality. By the end, participants will be able to: differentiate between research articles, other types of scholarly articles, and non-scholarly articles; select information by articulating and applying criteria for evaluating both the information and its sources; practice retrieving scholarly articles from a variety of reliable sources.

Video 3: Asking and Answering Clinical Questions: PICO That!

This last video guides participants through the process of transforming clinical issues into searchable questions in order to retrieve the evidence needed to address those issues. By the end, participants will be able to: identify the components of a PICO question; create a PICO question based on a clinical issue; and discuss how to integrate evidence with clinical expertise, patient preferences and values, and health care resources to implement practice changes.

Questions? Contact Dr. Leah Phillips, Director of Research, at lphillips@clpna.com or 780-484-8886.