VIDEO SERIES: Patient and Family-Centred Care


Discover how to partner more effectively with clients and their caregivers with our two-part video series on Patient and Family-Centred Care. In the fall, nearly 500 Licensed Practical Nurses attended these sessions as a live webinar. Now it’s available anytime for your learning. Thank you to Paul Wright, RN BSc.N CNNc, Manager, Calgary Zone Patient Family Centred Care for lending your expertise.

“Connecting to my patients and their families in meaningful ways that result in them regaining a sense of hope and power in their own ability to heal (to whatever level is possible). To see them regain their sense of self is deeply satisfying as a nurse. To be partners in that intimate journey back to self is humbling.” – LPN

#1 Patient and Family Centred Care – An Introduction with Paul Wright

In this video, we:

  1. Introduce the concept of patient and family-centred care, discuss its origins and its transformation to today’s definition
  2. Review the four core principles of patient and family-centred care and provide real life examples of how they are practiced in the clinical setting
  3. Share the benefits of patient and family-centred care
  4. Provide links to practical resources and tools

#2 Patient and Family Centred Care – The Patient’s Voice with Paul Wright

The main focus and goal behind working with Patient and Family-Centred Care is to ensure we listen to and hear the patient’s voice. In this video:

  1. Learn how we capture and measure the patient’s voice
  2. Understand how we can partner with each other to strengthen our outcomes
  3. Hear firsthand from a patient about how her personal experiences have shaped her personal health care journey.

‘Using Patient & Family-Centred Care to Create Exceptional Patient Experiences’

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    • Thank you for your interest. The College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta is not an educational institute for basic practical nurse education. We are a licensing/registration organization. If you’re interested in coming to Canada and take schooling to become a Licensed Practical Nurse, please contact our educational college affiliates.