Immunization Regulation for all LPNs, including reporting: Video

(UPDATED February 2, 2021 – Video Updated) 

(UPDATED August 11, 2020 – Updated article with current information)

Alberta government regulations introduced in December 2018 gave all health professionals in Alberta, including Licensed Practical Nurses, additional responsibilities regarding immunizations to better protect the public.

Learn what changed for all LPNs in this video from the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta. This information is important for all LPNs, and will guide LPNs in new expectations on their professional practice, including:

To guide LPNs in these expectations on their professional practice, the CLPNA’s Info Sheet: Immunization Regulation Duties outlines these responsibilities.

DOWNLOAD Info Sheet: Immunization Regulation Duties

Immunization is a restricted activity in Alberta, meaning LPNs need to complete specialized education and have advanced authorization on their CLPNA practice permit in order to immunize. For further info, see LPN Specializations.

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LPNs are authorized to administer vaccines only to clients 5 years of age or older.

As of February 1, 2020, immunization is no longer a specialty practice requiring additional authorization.

LPNs who already have an Immunization Specialty noted on their CLPNA practice permit before Feb 1, 2020 are not required to complete further education.

LPNs who did not have a previous Immunization Specialty on their practice permit are required to take additional training or education prior to administering immunizations to clients 5 years or older.

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