On Oct 1, LPN Registration Renewal begins for 2020


Annual Registration Renewal for Alberta’s Licensed Practical Nurses begins October 1 for 2020.

The CLPNA encourages all LPNs to renew before December 1 to pay the lowest registration fee of $350. 

For those who delay, the renewal fee is $550 when submitted between December 2 to 31.

On January 1, those who have not renewed will have their practice permit suspended. Those suspended but still wishing to renew between January 1 to 31 must complete a Reinstatement Application and pay $650.

Formal notices will be sent by email from the CLPNA’s Registrar.

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Prepaying Registration Renewal Fees for 2021

Splitting up payments for future fees is available. The Pre-Authorized Payment Plan (PAP) is a CLPNA payment option that allows members to pay their 2021 Registration Renewal Fee using automatic bank withdrawals of $35/month for 10 months.

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REMEMBER: Don’t Practice Without a Permit

Anyone found working as an LPN with an expired or invalid Practice Permit may be subject to disciplinary action from the CLPNA, including $500+ fines.

Only those individuals with a current CLPNA Practice Permit are authorized to work as an LPN in Alberta or use the title ‘Licensed Practical Nurse’ or ‘LPN’ as stated in Schedule 10 of the Health Professions Act and Section 12 of the LPN Profession Regulation.

Proof of Registration on Public Registry

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Proof of LPN registration status, current and future registration status, and more can be found using the CLPNA’s Public Registry.

Questions? Contact the CLPNA’s Registration Dept. at Ask CLPNAregistration@clpna.com, 780-484-8886, or toll-free at 1-800-661-5877 (toll free in Alberta only).

10 Responses to “On Oct 1, LPN Registration Renewal begins for 2020”

  1. I received my full licence mid July if this year. What education is required to renew when you have it help your licence for a few months and is the cost still $350 before Dec 1st or is there a refused rate. It will be my first time renewing so I would like to make sure I do not miss any steps in doing so. Thank you

  2. I will not be renewing my license for 2020. How Will I be reimbursed those funds? I’ve been paying monthly.

    • To cancel your Pre-Authorized Payment Plan Subscription, submit a written request for cancellation to CLPNA, “Attention: Finance”, with your full name, CLPNA Registration Number and current address, by mail or fax, or email finance@clpna.com. Fees paid to date will be refunded.

      Questions? Contact our Finance Department at finance@clpna.com, 780-484-8886 or 1-800-661-5877 (toll free in Alberta).

  3. I will be writing my exam this September. Does it mean i have to renew my license right after i pass? I did not have any job as LPN yet.

      Members who, for any reason:

        do not plan to practice as an LPN in Alberta,
        but want to continue receiving CARE magazine, practice updates & renewal notices,
        ensures the member’s practice hours are recorded, and completion of Continuing Competence Learning Plan are on file

      are encouraged to renew as an Associate for $50. Associate status does not allow you to work as an LPN. Associates wishing to return to work as an LPN in the future must meet all registration requirements when reinstating.