Linda Stanger to retire as CEO of CLPNA

Linda Stanger, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta (CLPNA), will retire in 2020. A committee of the CLPNA’s Council is managing the ongoing succession plan and has initiated a national executive search for a new CEO. Linda will remain in her role until a successor is appointed in the new year.

Throughout her 14 years at the CLPNA, Linda supported regulatory excellence and the evolution of a quality healthcare system for Albertans.

Linda graduated with a Baccalaureate degree in Nursing from the University of Calgary and a Master’s degree in Administration (Health) from Central Michigan University. She came to the CLPNA following many successful years in leadership in both rural and urban care settings. Linda holds a career-long belief in the ability of the LPN to make a difference for Albertans and the system. Under her guidance, the CLPNA continued to evolve to be the innovative and respected regulator that it is today.

Linda significantly impacted the broader system through her authentic leadership and future-focused thinking. She established collaborative partnerships between stakeholders provincially, nationally and internationally through extensive committee work, the CLPNA’s annual Think Tank, the establishment of the Health Care Aide (HCA) Directory for Alberta, and innovative initiatives for seniors. Committed to continuous improvement, the CLPNA has elevated practical nursing education in Alberta through modernizing standards and processes, continually increasing consistency and quality in programming. In addition, an organizational commitment to collaboration resulted in important work with Jamaica and China to establish and enhance educational standards for their nursing programs.

Since Linda joined the CLPNA in 2005, LPN membership has tripled to over 17,000. Additionally, the CLPNA attracted numerous grants to support competent LPN practice and system initiatives. Focused on quality care by LPNs in Alberta, Linda established a research department devoted to providing evidence for safer nursing practice and improved regulatory decision-making.

Valerie Paice, CLPNA’s President, says, “Linda worked closely with the Council of the CLPNA on the strategic direction of the organization. She is well known for her commitment to regulatory excellence and the critical role of the LPN in the delivery of safe, competent nursing care. Linda has many gifts, but her greatest strength has been her expert ability to build and maintain an outstanding team that is nimble, progressive, and patient-centred – she inspires them to do great things!”

In her resignation, Linda states:

“I am very proud of our many shared achievements during my time with the CLPNA. We have excelled at each challenge and thrived on change. Most importantly, we have continually strengthened our ability to ensure Albertans receive safe, competent, and ethical nursing care from LPNs. With new LPN regulation approved, the HCA Directory approaching full enrolment, a strong and progressive corporate culture, and an outstanding team in place, the CLPNA and the profession are well-positioned to meet the needs of Albertans well into the future.

As I leave a career that I will forever cherish, I thank all LPNs and public members who have served on Council and our regulatory committees, the practical nurse educators throughout Alberta, our very competent and committed staff, and the many partners and colleagues I have worked within advancing regulation and quality care in Alberta, in Canada, and beyond.

To the LPNs of Alberta, thank you for the excellent care you provide each day, ensuring that every interaction with an LPN positively impacts the personal health journey of Albertans. Serving the people of Alberta through my work with this wonderful profession has been my great honor and privilege and something I will truly miss.”

To summarize, Valerie Paice responds, “Linda will be sadly missed by our Council and her staff. We are forever grateful for her steadfast commitment, passion, and the dynamic leadership she provided to the CLPNA, the profession and the health system of this province. On behalf of all of us, and the LPNs of Alberta, we wish her continued good health and great happiness in her retirement.”


28 Responses to “Linda Stanger to retire as CEO of CLPNA”

  1. Congratulations on your retirement, Linda. You are a true leader and I am grateful for your support in my personal experience as an LPN. You will leave behind a great legacy and foundation for future growth and success of the CLPNA. I wish you health and happiness in your well deserved retirement.

  2. You have lead by example and guided and inspired so very many, including myself.
    Thank you for never ending support to those of us trying to build that regulatory excellence here in Saskatchewan.
    All the best to you Linda.

  3. Thank you for your service, Linda. Wishing you all the best in your future endeavour. Happy Retirement. Shalom:)

  4. Congratulations to you Linda, rest well after all these years, the grace, favour, and the peace of God that passeth all understanding will stay with you.

  5. This woman has done amazing work with CLPNA’s ,my opinion she has worked very hard for us to get the respect and recognition that we have got at this point in time .Thanks so much for your hard work and excellent leadership skills.congratulations on your retirement,.enjoy and thank you so much for all you have done for CLPNA’s.

  6. Linda, you truly have been a true and dedicated leader in your role with the CLPNA team. I remember meeting you in Calgary years ago and just want to take this opportunity to wish you all the very best in your retirement to a fabulous future of adventure!

  7. Thank You, Linda, for your dedicated years with us and may you fully enjoy your well earned retirement, whatever that holds for you! We will miss you!

  8. Thank you for all you have done for our profession. I am excited for you in the next stage of your life.

  9. Linda thanks for all you have done to make our job as L.P.N. something we can be proud of. I started as a C.N.A then a R.N.A. then a L.P.N. I have loved all the education and have enjoyed working my way up to a position I ended with that lasted 42 years doing something I loved. All your hard work made a great life and a proud person out of many people. The ongoing education is the most important thing that you have helped us achieve. Thankyou so very much for being such a great leader for us. Enjoy your retirement.

  10. Congratulations and best wishes to you Linda as you transition into a new chapter in your life. You are a truly authentic and genuine leader who has passion, vision and creativity in everything you tackle. I am so very proud to be an LPN because you have demonstrated professionalism, inspired me and mentored not only me, but so many others in the health care professions. I wish the very best for your future.

  11. Congratulations Linda, you came in a raised the bar for Practical Nurses. Thank you for all the years of commitment, leadership and guidance. You will be truly missed and forever cherished in our memories.

  12. Linda: I so cherished your friendship in Calgary as a neighbor and LPN. You have contributed so much for LPN’s and we had many conversations regarding same. I too have retired as of this year after a career spanning 47 years. May the next years be filled with relaxation and happiness, which you truly deserve.
    Ruth Roberts

  13. Hello Linda.
    All the best on your retirement. You were a wonderful colleague during my time in Alberta. I learned a lot from you and hope our paths cross again once you have more time to relax.

  14. Hello Linda, it’s with a sad heart I wish you joy and happiness in your new adventure called retirement. To the lady who hired me as an HCA in Drumheller and always encourage me to continue learning. Which has giving me a 20 year career as an LPN. I thank you. For your years of hard work and dedication to our society, helping it grow and revolve. To standing in the forefront during uncertain times and fight for us. I thank you. You are an amazing, strong, so insightful lady, who will be very sadly missed. May this next chapter in your life be everything you could ever dream of and more.

  15. Best wishes in this new journey of retirement Linda. Thank you very much to visit Jamaica in 2010 and for giving us this great opportunity when you believe in us and personal came to our work site to come congratulate us on passing the licensed exam. You are an extraordinary person.

  16. Linda I wish you a long healthy, happy, fun filled retirement. Congratulations on the new chapter in your life.