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Trauma can happen to anyone who experiences something that feels threatening to their physical well-being or is overwhelming enough to shake their confidence or sense of security.

— Nursing and Trauma: PTSD Awareness for LPNs, CARE Magazine, Summer 2020

The feature story in the summer issue of CARE Magazine focuses on raising awareness about post-traumatic stress disorder for nurses. When feelings of anxiety, avoidance, and negativity rise, there are steps to take which can help.

Includes a special section on coping during the current pandemic. COVID-19 presents a unique set of circumstances that can increase the vulnerability for some predictors of post-traumatic stress.


  • The CLPNA’s COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic response
  • Introducing the CLPNA’s new CEO Jeanne Weis
  • Supporting Respectful Workplaces
  • Research: Childcare for Shiftworkers
  • 2020 Awards of Excellence Nominees
  • Acknowledging Unconscious Bias
  • Hope & Support for Families Living with Dementia
  • How Complaints against LPNs are Resolved
  • …and more!


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Published quarterly by the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta (CLPNA), CARE is distributed to over 17,000 health professionals in Alberta including Licensed Practical Nurses, LPN employers, education facilities, government, stakeholders and Canadian LPN regulators.

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