Alberta moves to regulate Health Care Aides; CLPNA to be regulator

Today, as part of Bill 46, the Health Statues Amendment Act, the government tabled amendments to the Health Professions Act in Alberta’s Legislature, which included the proposed regulation of the province’s Health Care Aides.

“We are very pleased that, as part of this legislation, health care aides will be regulated as a separate profession within our college,” says Jeanne Weis, CEO of the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta (CLPNA). “The change will protect Albertans by requiring health care aides to adhere to the same regulatory standards as other health professionals in Alberta.”

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If the proposed amendments pass, professional regulation provides:

  • Increased public protection through ethical and professional obligations, minimum standards for entry to practice, and mechanisms for appropriately addressing complaints. 
  • Increased safety and transparency through the ability to verify qualifications and competence for safe practice via a public registry and complaint information.
  • Minimum educational requirements and standardization of educational programming.

The CLPNA is party to an agreement with Alberta Health to develop and manage the Alberta Health Care Aide Directory, a database that tracks competency status. The Directory launched on May 1, 2017.

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Additionally, Alberta Health has additional agreements with the CLPNA related to HCAs, including assessing substantial equivalence, developing and managing the provincial HCA exam, and reviewing program licenses for post-secondary institutions.

Licensed Practical Nurses and HCAs are close partners in delivering care and share many of the same principles of client care, with the CLPNA as a strong supporter of the HCA workforce.

HCAs are direct client service providers who deliver basic health services, and assistance with activities of daily living for clients with medical conditions or functional limitations.

The College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta is the regulatory organization for the province’s over 16,000 Licensed Practical Nurses.


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