Self-Study Module: Resilience in Nursing

Resilience is the ability to successfully adapt and thrive during adversity.

While some people have a seemingly natural capacity to bounce back from adversity, others may find it more difficult. However, resilience can be learned and developed. Building resilience can strengthen overall wellness and support nurses’ fitness to practice.

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This learning module will help identify and address some of the challenges faced by nurses and offer strategies to assist in developing resilience and maintaining wellness.

The Standards of Practice for Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) defines the legal and professional expectations for LPNs outlining the accountability and responsibility for professional growth fostered by self-awareness and reflective practice. The LPN Code of Ethics requires the nurse to maintain both physical health as well as mental wellbeing.

This module introduces the LPN to evidence-informed practical tools to build capacity for resilience in their personal and professional lives and assist the LPN in:

  1. Gaining an understanding of resilience.
  2. Identifying examples of challenges and stressors common to the healthcare environment.
  3. Exploring strategies to increase and maintain wellness.

Self-Study Module: Resilience in Nursing

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