Self-Study Module: Medication Drug Calculations

Despite all recent advances in medication administration, drug-related adverse events and error rates remain a concern. Many medication errors are related to administering incorrect dosages.

Medication administration must be performed in accordance with legislation, regulatory standards, CLPNA policies, and employer policies. Licensed Practical Nurses are responsible to ensure they possess the required knowledge, skill, and judgment to administer medications safely and competently. 

Often calculations are required prior to medication administration. Drug calculations can be simple or complex. Regardless of the drug to be administered, careful and accurate calculations are necessary to assist in preventing medication errors. Practicing calculations can enhance confidence and accuracy with medication calculation.

The College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta’s self-study module, Medication Drug Calculations, provides a variety of learning activities and quizzes to help enhance LPNs knowledge and skills in this area.

The module includes:

  • Best practices for calculating and communicating accurate medication dosages
  • Basic math for appropriate medication calculations
  • Interpreting and applying ratios in calculations and administration of medications
  • Utilizing the metric system to calculate and convert units
  • Abbreviations used by the metric system
  • Calculating appropriate medication dosages for tablets and fluids
  • Determining appropriate volume for injections
  • Calculating correct rate of flow for infusions
  • Calculating how long to infuse a mediation
  • Determining amount of medication based on pump infusion rate and time
  • Using correct infusion terms and abbreviations

Self-Study Module: Medication Drug Calculations

This free and interactive online learning module is suitable to assist LPNs in meeting the Learning Plan goals of the CLPNA’s Continuing Competence Program.

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