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IMPORTANT: To work or accept employment in Alberta, Licensed Practical Nurses must have registration and a valid Practice Permit from the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta (CLPNA), as per the Health Professions Act (HPA) of Alberta.

Prior to February 1, 2020, Provisional Registration was called ‘Temporary’ Registration. The change in terminology is due to an update in Alberta’s Licensed Practical Nurses Profession Regulation.

Provisional (formerly Temporary) Registration allows new graduates who have completed an approved Practical Nursing Program in Alberta to practice (work) as a nurse under supervision while waiting to write the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Exam (CPNRE).

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Members with Provisional Practice Permit are recognized as a Licensed Practical Nurse and may carry out the competencies that they are competent to perform.

Provisional Practice Permits are short-term; all Provisional Registrations expire on December 31 and may be extended up to a maximum of one year from the date it was initially issued. Provisional Registrants are required to extend their permit to a maximum time frame of one year in the fall every year. After one year or if a Provisional Registrant chooses not to extend their permit, the Provisional Registration will not be renewed.

Upon successful completion of the CPNRE, the LPN holding a Provisional Practice Permit is eligible for an Active Practice Permit.

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Registration Requirements & Process

The CLPNA is committed to having transparent, objective, impartial, and procedurally fair registration practices.

The Declarations & Registration Requirements Policy outlines the declarations and registration requirements for all registration categories. Applicants must ensure that they fulfill all necessary requirements in their application.

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To apply, please download the application package which includes instructions.

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Updated April 23, 2020

CLPNA’s Registration Service Standards 

The CLPNA would like applicants and the public to be aware of our service standard goals regarding the processing time for requests, messages, and applications. These timelines may be extended if the circumstances require outside consultation.

  1. Phone calls will be returned within one business day.
  2. Emails will be returned within two business days.
  3. Applications received with payment will be reviewed within five business days.
  4. Completed applications will be processed and invoices issued within 10 business days.
  5. For completed applications, a practice permit will be issued immediately upon receipt of payment.