New Graduates


Temporary Registration allows new graduates who have completed an approved Practical Nursing Program in Alberta to practice (work) as a nurse while waiting to write the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Exam (CPNRE).

Temporary Registration is short term; not to exceed one year. Members with Temporary Registration are recognized as a Licensed Practical Nurse and may carry out the competencies of an entry-level practitioner. After expiring, Temporary Registration may not be renewed.

READ – Temporary Registration – Practice Statement #2 (PDF)

Working or accepting employment as a LPN without having your Temporary Practice Permit is not permitted and a contravention of the Health Professions Act of Alberta.

Upon successful completion of the CPNRE, the LPN is eligible for an “Active” Practice Permit.

DOWNLOAD – Temporary & CPNRE Registration Application Package (4MB PDF)

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