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March 4, 2024 | Public, Regulated Members, Practice

What Is a Restricted Activity?

LPNs Are Authorized to Perform Certain Restricted Activities. How Do You Know Which Activities You Can Perform?

A restricted activity is a high-risk health service that can only be performed by an authorized healthcare professional.

The Health Professions Restricted Activity Regulation lists the restricted activities that LPNs are authorized to perform.

It’s important to know that, even if you are authorized to perform an activity, you may still need to meet other requirements. These requirements are listed in the CLPNA’s Standards of Practice on Restricted Activities, Advanced Practice, and Supervision and may include supervision, education, and/or practice requirements.

There are also several other factors you should consider before performing restricted activities.

You need to consider your client’s acuity. If a client’s condition is complex, or there is a risk of negative outcomes, that may mean you should evaluate the situation, and collaborate with the healthcare team if needed, before moving forward.

Your individual competence is also a factor. You need to consider if you have the skills, knowledge, and experience to perform an activity. Have you been properly trained? If you have been trained, have you performed the task recently? Are you confident you can practice safely?

Employer requirements are also an important factor. It’s important to be familiar with your specific employer policies or other requirements related to performing restricted activities in your setting.

LPNs are expected to know which restricted activities they are authorized to perform. If you need guidance in knowing whether you should perform an activity, you can contact the CLPNA Practice team.


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