Pre-Authorized Debit Plan

The Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) plan is a CLPNA pre-payment option that allows registrants to pay the 2025 registration fee for an Active practice permit using automatic withdrawal from their bank account.

The PAD plan is self-managed through MyCLPNA where members can subscribe/unsubscribe, update banking info, and check their balance.

PAD subscribers can sign up to pay in advance for their 2025 registration fee in ten monthly withdrawals from January 1, 2024 to October 1, 2024. Once subscribed, the plan will continue automatically until cancelled.

Registration Renewal Still Required for PAD Subscribers

PAD subscribers are still subject to the $200 registration levy if they renew after the fee increase deadline. For this year the deadline is October 31, 2024.

New Subscribers

Subscribers must have an Active practice permit to be eligible to use PAD for the following registration year.

The simple subscription process is available through MyCLPNA. See the tab marked “Sign up for PAD.”

Current Subscribers

Once signed up, automatic withdrawals will continue until the subscriber cancels the PAD subscription through MyCLPNA.

Subscribers can update their banking information any time through MyCLPNA. As there can be processing delays for bank changes, please ensure that you change your banking information prior to the 25th for changes for the following month. Changes made after the 25th of a month may not be reflected in the next withdrawal.

If a withdrawal attempt on the first of the month is returned due to non-sufficient funds, a second automatic withdrawal will be attempted five banking days later.

If the second withdrawal attempt returns NSF, a $60 payment is required ($35 PAD payment + $25 NSF fee) to remain on PAD. The CLPNA will contact the member with details.

If the subscribed bank account is closed and the member cannot be contacted, or if there has been two NSFs, the member will automatically be cancelled from PAD. The CLPNA will issue a refund for the amount withdrawn to date less a $25 administration fee.

When you cancel your PAD subscription through MyCLPNA, any fees paid will be refunded the following January unless otherwise requested. Should you wish to request a refund prior to January, please email and state that you want your PAD cancelled and refunded. The amount withdrawn to date will be refunded less a $25 administration fee.

Questions About Registration?

Contact Registration through Ask CLPNA
or call 1-800-661-5877.