October 1 – December 1, 2020

Registration Renewal starts annually on October 1 for CLPNA members registered with an Active Practice Permit who wish to practice as an LPN in the following calendar year. Members are asked to renew by December 1. Active Practice Permits expire on December 31.

CLPNA members must complete an annual Registration Renewal Application in order to:

  • work in Alberta as a Licensed Practical Nurse in 2021 (with Active registration type)
  • OR change registration type from Active to a non-practicing Associate
  • OR cancel a practice permit and notify the CLPNA you are not renewing for 2021


Registration Renewal notices are sent by email to eligible members starting in September.

The CLPNA strongly recommends all members renew as early as possible.

Members NOT currently receiving emails are asked to:

  1. Make sure your CLPNA Profile at www.myCLPNA.com has the correct email address, and,
  2. Sign up for “LPN Regulatory Emails” using the same email address.

If you’ve completed these steps, and you are still not receiving CLPNA emails, check your Spam or Junk folders, and ensure that you have added registration@clpna.com to your safe senders’ list.

If the problem persists, contact the CLPNA at registration@clpna.com, 780-484-8886 or 1-800-661-5877 (toll-free in Alberta).


Before going online, please have the following items ready:

  1. UserID (email address) and password to login to myCLPNA.com.
  2. Current practice hours – Locate your most recent paystub(s) from all employers and determine the number of practice hours you have worked in the current year. Add the number of hours you expect to work until December 31 of this year.
    For more guidance, see the Policy: Practice Hours and the Nursing Practice Self-Assessment Tool (or use the Online Tool). The Nursing Practice Self-Assessment Tool helps users determine whether their role is providing nursing services according to the Health Professions Act and the CLPNA’s policy.
  3. Current employer information.
  4. Payment information – If paying fees by VISA or Mastercard, have the card number ready. The CLPNA accepts cash or debit at the office. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, contact the CLPNA about the availability of in-person appointments. 

NEW! Nursing Practice Self-Assessment Tool

The Nursing Practice Self-Assessment Tool helps users determine whether their role provides “nursing services” in Alberta according to the Health Professions Act and CLPNA policy. Download the document for your records or try the convenient online tool.

DOWNLOAD Nursing Practice Self-Assessment Tool

LAUNCH Online Nursing Practice Self-Assessment Tool



1.  CLICK on “myCLPNA LOGIN” (also on the top right corner of this screen).
2.  TYPE in your User ID (Email address) and Password.
3.  (if applicable) CHANGE your Password to something you can remember.
4.  Three options will appear on the screen. SELECT the option you want for 2021 – Active, Associate or Cancelled.

myCLPNA Security:

  • SECURITY TIME OUT: After logging in, users have approximately 40 minutes to complete the online Registration Renewal Application before system security will time out and ask that you login again. When this happens, the information you have already submitted will be saved.


Need help completing your Registration Renewal Application? Contact CLPNA at registration@clpna.com, 780-484-8886 or 1-800-661-5877 (toll free in Alberta).

Registration Renewal Fees

2021 Registration Fee for Active Practice Permit

$350      If paid October 1 – December 1

$550      If paid December 2 – 31

$650      If paid for renewal of suspended permits between January 1 – 31, 2021

Associate Registration

$50      For non-practicing registration


  • Credit card (VISA and MasterCard)
  • Pre-Authorized Debit Plan (PAD)
  • Debit or Cash (at the CLPNA office)

Not able to use the above payment methods? Contact CLPNA during business hours to make alternate arrangements before starting the online Registration Renewal Application. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, contact the CLPNA about the availability of in-person appointments.

All fees will change at 12:00am (midnight) on the dates listed.
CLPNA Payment Policy: Registration Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
All fees are in Canadian dollars.

Paying 2022 Registration Fees in Advance

To pay for 2022 in advance by 10-monthly installments, see our Pre-Authorized Debit Plan (PAD).

Renewing Registration (Dec 2 – 31)

The Registration Renewal fee is $550 for those renewing between December 2-31. Please renew before December 1. Support is only available during CLPNA office hours. The CLPNA will be closed on holidays. (Office hours are subject to change.)

Reinstating Registration (After Dec 31, 2020)

On January 1, 2021, the Registration Renewal system will close and anyone who has not renewed will have their practice permit suspended. Those still wishing to register should see “Previously Licensed in Alberta“. Please note that those with suspended permits will be charged a $300 Registration Levy if registering in January. Permits not reinstated by January 31, 2021 will be Cancelled.

Questions? Contact CLPNA at registration@clpna.com, 1-800-661-5877 or 780-484-8886.

Other Registration Types


Members who, for any reason:

  • do not plan to practice as an LPN in Alberta,
  • but want to continue receiving CARE magazine, practice updates & renewal notices,
  • ensures the member’s practice hours are recorded,
  • and completion of Continuing Competence Learning Plan are on file

are encouraged to renew as an Associate for $50. Associate status does not allow you to work as an LPN. Associates wishing to return to work as an LPN in the future must meet all registration requirements when reinstating.


Members who, for any reason:

  • do not plan to practice as an LPN in Alberta,
  • and do not plan to return to practice in the future,

should notify CLPNA of their change in status on their Registration Renewal Application. This serves as:

  • formal notification to CLPNA of non-renewal,
  • ensures the member’s practice hours are recorded,
  • and completion of Continuing Competence Learning Plan are on file.

If a Registration Renewal Application is not completed, further reminders and suspension/cancellation notifications will be sent to the member as required by the Health Professions Act.

Practicing Without a Valid Practice Permit is Illegal

Individuals without a valid (registration type Active/Limited/Provisional) Practice Permit are not authorized to use the title “LPN” or work as a Licensed Practical Nurse in Alberta, as per Section 43 of the Health Professions Act.

RELATED – Public Registry of LPNs

Working as an LPN without a valid Practice Permit constitutes unprofessional conduct and violation will subject the individual to disciplinary action including fines of $500 or more.

Members holding an Associate Membership are not permitted to practice as a LPN or use the LPN title.

Practice Permits

Most members will receive access to their Practice Permit on their myCLPNA.com dashboard.


  1. If a registrant does not have access to their permit immediately, it may mean that either the application needs to be reviewed by the registration staff and the registrant will be contacted within 5 business days to discuss next steps, and/or;
  2. For those members who have subscribed to the Pre-Authorized Debit Plan (PAD) and who complete the online Registration Renewal Application in October, they will receive access to their Practice Permit after their final payment is processed in mid-November.

Members can see and print their Practice Permit and Tax Receipt on their myCLPNA.com dashboard. Members will not receive a Practice Permit in the mail from CLPNA.

Proof of Registration on Public Registry of LPNs

Members and employers requiring proof of LPN registration status should access the CLPNA’s Public Registry of LPNs. The Public Registry shows a member’s current and future registration status, advanced authorizations and conditions.

Online Security

The security of your personal information is a top priority with the CLPNA. Whether you’re paying for your Registration Renewal, or updating your personal information, you can be sure your valuable information is private and secure.

That’s why myCLPNA.com uses SSL (Secure Socket Layers), a recognized industry standard and commonly used for online transactions by banks and retail stores. “Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol was developed by Netscape Communications Corporation to provide a high level of security for Internet communications. SSL provides an encrypted communications session between your web browser and a web server. When sensitive information is being sent over the Internet between your browser and a web server, SSL verifies that the information has not been altered in any way on-route. All major internet browsers released in recent years support SSL.” (Moneris Solutions)


Contact the CLPNA at registration@clpna.com, 1-800-661-5877 or 780-484-8886.

Updated September 14, 2020